Pay Per Head

Get to down to business with and our very exciting pay per head service, provided by our English Speaking staff always accessible to address all your need as fast and as professional possible. Players will be able to wager 24/7 either by phone or online with multiple betting lines available in every sport imaginable.

Our customers will enjoy a variety of sports and different wagers, including teasers, money lines, props, sides, totals, halftimes best, futures and much more. If there is a game, we have the odds, if there’s a game you can win at any time. Thinking about a pay per head solution is a huge step towards making their business grows faster and with a better way to get bigger returns. Agents who are looking forward to outsourcing their wagering services should join, turning their local operation into a top class online sportsbook.

Players can set custom options including favorite teams, making their betting adventure a little more personal, but beyond that out features make the player management system a world class pay per head solution for increasing business:

Player Management

It gives detail information on all your players. Out tool allows you to get information about sub-agents and master agents as well. Review credit limit, maximum wagers, balance, money at risks and winnings. All of this is valuable information to improve the knowledge about your customers, and increase the possibilities to make them happier betting on sports.

Player Payments Manager

The system helps you keep track of players with a line of credit. You can follow the balance, their deposits, and their wagers.

Agent Exposure

A report of players and subagents will always help get things into a wider perspective. Take a look at the top level numbers and choose categories from either different sports or individual players.

Financial Report

Have a look at how the cash flows on your busses and which agents need help or where they can improve. This instrument has plenty of adjustment to make you job easier. The financial will make the difference between having just any business and a well-balanced top of the class industry pay per head entrepreneur.

Custom Lines

Having our system behind you doesn’t necessary means you have to play by our betting lines. You can customize the betting odds, resetting money lines, game totals, and other odds to make it more attractive for your players.

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